Monday 6 May 2024

Sad news for André Vermorel

 We are sad to inform you that André Vermorel passed away yesterday on 05/05/2024.

The ceremony will take place at 10am on Tuesday14th. May On the Place de la mairie in Bidon (07).


Friday 22 March 2024

Something New at the door

 The renowned sliding door of the Aven de Noel, was recently enhanced with a mobile grid.

As some visitors were leaving the sliding door open during their visit, the opening above the P120 pitch was remaining dangerous for animals or peoples passing by.

This new grid now allows :

1- To leave the door open if you like to feel the draft during your descent or your ascension.


2- To try to start a kind of semi ventilation of the cavity if you open it the day before your visit to allow the CO2 to déconfine may be a little the Aven or the pitch.

Thanks to handle it with care


Sunday 25 February 2024

Saturday 28 November 2020

Visiting again the Aven de Noël

The visits may re open from today onwards according to the Government rules bellow and those from the Fédération Française de Spéléologue (Download Here)

  • Individuals and clubs (within the frame of a global movement of less than3h and <20km)
  • Professionals allowed