Thursday 10 May 2018

Christophe Flahaut died

Very sand news for the ARSPAN family, as Christophe Flahaut passed away.

This mate always full of humour... Somme of us saw him grow amongst a proper caving bath before becoming a father. He would monthly see solution, instead of problems. As a king in DIY he was great in sharing his tips.

A very long year spent fighting against the disease, amongst thousands of projects, he was suddenly stopped in his flight...

His last day was Friday august 10th 2018 with those he loved.

His father Jean Claude FLAHAUT taught him caving and diving and he was keen in protecting the Aven de Noel joining his effort to run the ARSPAN from the beginning.

We arlready miss him as he was really a dynamic member.

Bye the friend, the mate, the partner, the husband, the teacher, the father, the son.

We shall think of you again and again in the future.