Saturday 31 October 2020

Cancellation of the incomming visits


In conformity with the new confined status of France decided by the French government, we are cancelling any visit of the Aven de Noël for the month of November and we shall not consider new booking prior to December 1st.

Thanks for your understanding

The executive board of the ARSPAN

Thursday 22 October 2020

First dive from the Aven de Noel


On October 22nd as part of the continuation of the exploration in the Réseau V, Réseau Philippe by members of the l'ARSPAN, Philippe Brunet accompanied by 7 helpers, performed a dive un the North Sump he discovered in 2004.  He reached a depth of 57m with a deep continuation downwards to go...

All the story of this dive is available in French on the following page reporting all exploration at the date of October 22nd CLICK HERE.