Thursday 5 December 2019

Call for donation

As you may have visited the Aven de Noël in Ardèche - France in the past years, we hope you enjoyed the experience and the cave protection measures.
Taking care of the cave preservation, can only happen thanks to the free assistance of the ARSPAN volunteer. Nevertheless, we always have yearly expenses for the fixed costs such as mainting the entrance door, the padlock some of the equipement and our webside.

We also pay very much attention to continuously enhance our scientific knowledge of the network.
For that reason, we purchased ans started the set up of a true automatic CO2 measuring and logging station.
We sill track the CO2 concentration and fluctuations to study ots variation in spreading according to the weather conditions. 
These data will be freely accessible in order for anyone to use them.
Further to that, an instantaneous reading of the CO2 rate at the bottom of the -90m pit will be accessible on the -30m platteform. This should enhance our visitors experience.

To help us carrying on our mission, we make a call for donation to the ARSPAN (NGO) with the following link, and thank you ahead for your generosity.. (100% of your donation will be dedicated to the cave protection.)

Thanks in advance and see you soon underground.
President of the l'ARSPAN
(Association de Recherche Scientifique et de Protection de l'Aven de Noël)
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