The Aven de Noel

The Noël pot hole situated in Ardeche to the town of Bidon (07) stays among the area's "classical". Famous for its volumes (rooms, passages, chimneys,...) and its very various stals (columns, gypse flowers, helectites,...) Noël pot hole stays however a fragile cave that each one has to respect...

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Scientific approach of our group:

Amongst our mission the ARSPAN group members are specifically interested in a varieties of apporaches to get a grip on the Aven de Noêl cave understanding.

We are happy to share our discovery, results, Observations and here are some of the themes that were followed in the past years:

  1.     Air Flow tracking, PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  2.     2002 Symposium "Expérience sharing congress on underground protection"
  3.     Archaeology, PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  4.     Temperatures study
  5.     Bats Skeleton study PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  6.     CO2 Gas measuring PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  7.     Cleaning campain in 2010

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