Visiting Guidelines

Concerning your visit:

We remind you that the responsibility of A.R.S.P.A.N is limited to management of the entrances. Your visit will not be guided.

The visit will be entirely your own responsibility. Please also note that the cave is subject to a regional by-law ARR-2003-65-2 dated 06 March 2003, which requires that only electric lighting should be used.

Some parts of the cave are very large, so we advise you to come equipped with powerful lights.

We further ask you to observe a few simple principles associated with “ The cavers’ charter” adopted in June 2002 by the Fédération Française de Spéléologie (FFS):

     1. In order to experience cave exploration safely and at its best, I will behave in a responsible manner; respecting the rights of the landowner(s); other people living nearby and other visitors. I will not get in the way of neighbours and will not park in the middle of roads and lanes.
     2. I will observe rules concerning the cave and the local environment. In particular, I will observe all rules in force concerning lighting.
     3. I will respect and protect the cave and its environs. Consequently, I will wear a clean oversuit and boots and will not deviate from any waymarked path under any circumstances. I will not leave rubbish in the cave or urinate in it.
     4. I will inform the caving community of my discoveries and explorations and will inform A.R.S.P.A.N by means of a visit report.
     5. I will respect the work of other cavers; notably their prior rights concerning discoveries and digs as well as their intellectual property rights concerning surveys and publications.
     6. I will take precautions against the risks of an accident during cave exploration. I specifically note that access to the cave is via a pitch of 120m, which demands a certain level of experience and physical ability.
     7. I will be aware of my own safety and that of others who are with me. I will therefore check the condition of all fixed aids before using them and will bring any defects to the attention of A.R.S.P.A.N., so that they can inform other visitors.
     8. I will encourage the help and support of other cavers in these endeavours.
You will find a survey of the cave and an equipment list for the entrance pitch on our website

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