Rules for Reservation Aven de Noël

Advice for Visit Bookings

You wish to visit Aven de Noël:
Please note the following rules, which we ask you to respect ;
  • The ARSPAN association monitors the conservation of the Aven de Noël.
  • It is authorised to do this and holds the key to the entrance.
  • Access is free of charge.

In order to book your visit:

  1. Check the on-line calendar (see below) to select a date for your visit.
  2. Send an email requesting the booking to:
  3. To help protect the cave, visits are limited to two per week and a visiting group must not consist of more than eight persons.
  4. Following receipt your application, we will send you a written confirmation of your booking.
  5. If your chosen date has already been reserved, we will offer you an alternative.
  6. Please let us know if you have to cancel your visit, so that we can offer the date to another applicant.
  7. Written acceptance of your booking will be accompanied by a survey of the system, an equipment list, and advice concerning your visit (these are also available on our website).
  8. In advance of your visit we ask you to send us a list of participants, giving surnames, forenames, dates of birth and insurance details and if a member of FFS or not.

Check the online booking  planning

Download the Reservation's Sheet

  • In all cases the priority of granting visits will depend on the order of receipt of applications.

After your visit:

A visit report can be quickly completed and accessible online HERE

Doing this will help us to update our statistics. Do let us have your comments. We wish you well with your visit preparations

……..enjoy exploring the Aven de Noël.


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