The ARSPAN organized a symposium to November 2002 with the theme :

" Exchange of experiences on the protection of the underground environment "


 You will find here useful information about the symposium.

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SYMPOSIUM : "Sharing experiences on the protection of the underground environment"


    Dates : Friday, November 1, 2002 & Saturday, November 2, 2002

    Location : St Marcel d'Ardèche (07) near the Gorges de l'Ardèche

    Participants : Cavers, scientists, municipalities, associations, water utilities, etc ... The number of participants is capped at 100.

    Cost : Participation in the conference for the organization (appetizer, acts ,...) is fixed at 10 € per person.



Home from 9am
Opening plenary at 10:30
Official Opening and drink
Meetings of working from 14h
Small conference on Christmas adventure to 18h
Evening screenings at 21h


Resumption of work meetings at 9am
Pooling works from 14h
Conclusion to 18h
Meal Closing to 20h.

Sunday will be devoted to those who wish to visit or not cavities arranged (Christmas, St Marcel, ...)


Workshop 1: why protect or not protect?

Workshop 2: How to protect with 'technical'?

Workshop 3: How to protect with means "human"?


The association may not provide the logistics of accommodation or meals ... but you can find in the "accommodation" a list of solutions (camping, lodging, hotel, ...).
In addition, we offer participation in a closing lunch.


The proceedings will be produced and distributed to all participants.


"Exchange of experiences on the protection of the underground environment"


Friday, November 1, 2002

9 h - 10 h 30
welcoming participants, speakers, ...

10 h 30
Conference Opening Plenary

11 h 30
Official opening of the conference, followed by an appetizer

14 h - 17 h

18 h
Conference on the Noel's Cave

21 h
evening screenings with slideshows
D. Chailloux, JM. Chauvet, D. Duprés, P. Guillemin,...

Saturday, November 2, 2002

9 h - 12 h
Following meetings under workshop

14 h
Sharing work

18 h
Conclusion of the Symposium
20 h
Closing dinner


Details of workshops originally planned :

    Workshop 1 : why protect or not protect ?

experiment 1a: protection for water, experience in the Dordogne

experiment 1b: protection for crystalline formations :
- experience the river Malaval P. Guillemin
- experience cavities Herault M. Renda
- experience Lechuguilla D. Chailloux

experiment 1c : protection for heritage (archaeological, scientific ,...)

    Workshop 2 : how to protect with 'technical' ?

experiment 2a: markup, different techniques and experiences

experiment 2b: the lighting, adjusting the lighting based on risk M. Courbis, H. Litjens, G. Vermorel

experiment 2c : doors, back on experiences JM. Rainaud

experiment 2d : remediation cavities

    Workshop 3 : how to protect with means "human" ?

experiment 3a: Management cavities (host, planning, booking ,...)
- experience cavities Herault M. Renda
- experience Lechuguilla D. Chailloux

experiment 3b : responsibility of the owner, the inventor of the protector, experiences in the Dordogne (Cussac,...) T. Baritaud

experiment 3c : the responsibility of the visitor, jurisprudence

experiment 3d : visitor education, guidance,
- Natura 2000 projectv- gorges of l'Ardèche D. Doublet
- relational cavers / municipalities J. Jolivet
- experience of being guided framing

 Conference Proceedings

Summary : All downloadable documents are in French

- List of Participants (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Opening

Message from the President of the ARSPAN (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Message from the Chairman of the Environment Committee FFS (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Word from the Mayor of St Marcel (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Birth of a Theme (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Interventions (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Experience in managing and protecting sensitive caves SC Beziers (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Fills karst archive premier scientific (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Experience for the protection of the Causse Bondons (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Experience the "Trou du Vent" (Dordogne) (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Experience in Belgium on the conservation of concretions (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Thinking about lighting Caving (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Experience on the doors (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Pollution Control Experience of Colons' Cave – Causse de la Selle (34) (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Experience of Lechuguilla Cave (U.S.A.) (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Experience Natura 2000

- Experience of Orgnac's Cave (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Experience of Noël 's Cave (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Summary of workshops (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Closing
Message from the Mayor of St Marcel (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Message from the President of the ARSPAN (DOWNLOAD HERE)

- Moments chosen (DOWNLOAD HERE)



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